Sami- Senegal – Age unknown – Male


samiSami, a male Senegal Parrot, came to PEAC after we received a call from an individual in Poway saying that she had  a very colorful sweet parrot perched in her pear tree eating her fruit. Sami was taken to the veterinarian for an overall health check up, and surprisingly, he was found to be in excellent health despite being loose in the wild for what was later found out to be almost 10 months after escaping from his cage. The former owner was not able to take Sami back, so he was placed with a foster volunteer.

Sami has a wonderful voice and can make many different whistles and noises. He steps up easily, and is now on a pelleted diet along with fruits and vegetables to provide some variety.  He loves to cuddle and get scritches from his foster mom, and hangs out on her lap in the evenings.  He does not like men or other birds, so would be happiest as a single bird in a home with a woman as his primary caregiver, where he can show his charming and loving nature.



At the end of November Sami’s foster volunteer applied and was approved for his adoption.  Sami chose her over any one who ever wanted to meet him.  He now will be a part of a very loved flock of parrots at his foster mom’s home

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