Bailey- Black-Headed Caique – 22 yrs – Female

drpem3xzef3kf.cloudfrontUPDATE:Bailey was adopted this week by her foster volunteer.  Her new caregiver has years of experience with Caiques and Baileyana (as she is now called) has taken up being Queen of her new flock.  Her new caregiver reports that Baileyana loves to march herself around keeping all the other birds that she now lives with in check and well behaved, well for the most part.  We wish Baileyana and her new mom years of companionship together.

Bailey is a 22-year-old black-headed Caique who was relinquished by her only owner who is elderly and no longer able to care for her. She loves interaction from people, but needs boundaries, as she was permitted free run of her former home. She is adjusting well and will make some lucky person a splendid companion.

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