Tootsie- Umbrella Cockatoo – 13 yrs – Female


Tootsie came to PEAC in April of 2014. She is a 14-year-old female umbrella cockatoo.  Prior to coming to PEAC, Tootsie lived in her home for her entire 12 years.  The couple that had Tootsie moved across country, and found themselves living in a RV trailer in San Diego.   Due to the stress she was under, living in such close quarters, she began to show feather destructive behavior, and pulled the majority of her feathers from her chest and legs.

Since coming to PEAC and getting an appropriate cage, Tootsie has grown back most of her feathers. She is gentle and loves to cuddle and be around her people. She LOVES her toys! Tootsie knows a few words such as “hello” and “I love you.”  She is a fast learner and just wants to be in a forever home that will love her and care for her the way she deserves.

UPDATE: Tootsie has had a challenge finding the right home for her.  She was cared for by a wonderful warm and loving volunteer on entering PEAC.  She then thought she found her forever home but we found out that she had some aggression issues with small fast moving dogs so was returned to PEAC and placed in the care of one of our cockatoo foster volunteers.  The new family has thought long and hard about having a cockatoo and took the time to learn as much as they could to help with Tootsie’s  behavioral issues as they also have a small dog that is fast moving.  The last we heard was that with some positive reinforcement training and dedicated attention she is responding well.  We have our hopes up that this will finally be the home for Tootsie

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