Kiwi – Maxi Pionus – 11 yrs – Male

KIWI Pionus parrot

Kiwi is a male Maximillian’s Pionus parrot who is 11 years old. He was relinquished when his first and only owner had to move his entire family back East and felt it wasn’t fair for Kiwi to live in a travel trailer for an undetermined amount of time. Kiwi is a fun, beautiful, feathered bird who feels like velvet when you touch his feathers. Kiwi makes lots of chirping noises, but for the most part is a quiet bird who enjoys hanging out with his foster family and their flock of parrots. He is not much of a toy player yet but is being worked with to get him to open up his personality just a little bit more.


UPDATE: Kiwi has found a new home in New Mexico with a wonderful new owner who has many years of experience with Piounus Parrots so it was a great fit from the beginning.

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