Baby – Yellow-Collared Macaw – 10 yrs old – male


Baby is a 10-year-old male yellow-collared macaw who was relinquished by his owner and had not been let out of his cage, did not step up, and was on a high-fat diet of only sunflower seeds.  A vet check after taking him in to PEAC was normal, despite his poor diet.

Although Baby plucked the feathers from his chest when he was confined to a small cage with no toys, he no longer plucks his feathers at all and except for a small part of his chest where the feathers will not grow back, he is in fine feather and is really quite beautiful.

Baby is a very gentle bird.  He sits with his foster mother every evening, watching television.  He puts his beak around her finger but never bites.  Baby enjoys playing with toys that he can shred and spends much of his time doing this.  He says “Hello Baby” in a rather raucous voice but also has a very sweet “Hello”.  When no one is in the room he also makes other sweet, soft sounds which his foster family believes are sounds he hears from the other birds.  He also enjoys being sung to at bedtime and bobs his head to Brahm’s Lullaby.  In fact, he becomes annoyed when he doesn’t get to hear the song.

Baby hides when introduced to new people, but once he becomes accustomed to a new person he quickly adapts.  He will make a wonderful companion for whoever gives him a forever home.

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