Abbi – Blue and Gold Macaw – 30 yrs old – Male

Abbi is a 31-year-old male blue-and-gold macaw who came to us in January of 2015 after he lost his second home in 30 years.  His first owner moved out of state, and he was placed for just a short time in another home, until they moved into an apartment.  In Abbi’s early life, he sustained a traumatic injury, which resulted in the loss of his left eye and the use of his left wing, which he is not able to open and extend.

abbiAbbi shows significant signs of aggression toward women, although with men, he steps right up and loves to play, and is a remarkable companion parrot.  Hillary Hankey, a well-known avian behaviorist, fostered Abbi for several months, after which time he became  accepting of some women; however, his aggression toward them returned when he left Hillary’s facility.


One of Abbi’s favorite play behaviors is getting in your lap and playing with your fingers and hand while flipping himself on his back and having you tickle his feet.  This just shows how wonderful he can be.


Abbi is a unique and amazing blue-and-gold macaw who will require a person with significant experience with larger parrots, as well as a good grasp on using positive reinforcement training with parrots.

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