Willow, Blue and Gold Macaw, Female, Age Unknown

Willow is a 22-year-old blue-and-gold macaw who came to us in March of 2015 after she was found on someone’s roof in San Diego and turned over to the Department of Animal Services.  We know her age from her leg band.

willow-2-croppedShe immediately converted over to a pelleted diet, and while she is learning to like some vegetables, she prefers fruit; so she is getting her veggies chopped up in her birdie bread, which she loves.  She also loves nuts, especially her afternoon pistachios and Brazil nuts.

Willow has some feather loss on her chest, although she has shown no signs of feather destructive behavior and there are never any feathers on the bottom of her cage.  She currently has a large number of pin feathers on her chest, legs, head, and back.

This little girl loves being the center of attention in a public place, as well as going for drives in the car; and she is routinely featured at the Temecula Petco, our outreach adoption venue on the third Sunday of each month.  When not starring at adoption fairs, Willow prefers to be outdoors at home, playing ball or taking “hose showers;”  or on her playstand, where her antics are hilarious.

She says “Hi lady,” “Willow,” “Hola,” and “Step up,” and she whispers a lot.  She steps up very well for women, although with a gentle and patient approach she does step up for men once in a while; and her foster family is working on this.  Willow is a very playful, loving girl, who will make a wonderful companion for someone who has the time and space for a macaw.

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