Beanie, Red Lored Amazon, Male, 35-40yrs old

July 2015 – update on Beanie. Our Avian Veterinarian was astounded how much Beanie has improved at his recent follow up visit with him. He is now climbing around his cage, has gained weight and strength and the swelling around his nares has resolved. He was also amazed when he solicited head scratches from him during the vet visit!

beanie 1Beanie is a 36 year old male Red-lored Amazon. He lived with the same family for the past 20 years; 15 years with the parents and the past 5 years with the daughter and her husband. His diet until very recently was extremely unhealthy consisting of seed mix, root beer and junk food. The years of malnutrition have taken a severe toll on Beanie’s health; he was relinquished when his owner could no longer afford to treat his chronic sinus infection. However, he has quickly taken to eating pellets, and we haven’t found a vegetable yet that he doesn’t consume with gusto. Beanie is clearly a survivor; in his first home his right wing was broken after being stepped on. As a result he cannot fly, but the old injury does not appear to give him any discomfort. In spite of the hardships of his life, Beanie is one of the most sweet-natured and affectionate Amazons we have seen in our foster program. He stepped up on his foster volunteer’s arm the day he entered our program and regularly solicits head scratches from multiple family members.

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UPDATE Adopted

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