Ziggy, Umbrella Cockatoo, Male, 10 yrs old

ZiggyZiggy is a 10-year-old male Umbrella Cockatoo who came to us when his former owner, due to some life changes, was no longer able to give him the care he needed. Despite that, Ziggy is extremely well adjusted. Although he is not used to a lot of holding or cuddling, he will readily step up.  He came from a home with two African greys, so he is fairly quiet for a ‘too. He prefers to be in the company of his flock (either human or feathered). 

He is a very verbal guy who says quite a few phrases (Hi Ziggy; Ziggy is a good boy; Be good, Ziggy; I love you, Ziggy; Go night-night; and more). He loves music and “sings” la la la la la when confronted with a new situation.

Ziggy is willing to try new toys, even though he came from a home where he was given mainly two-by-four sections on chains to chew on. He has taken to puzzle toys, rope toys and smaller wood for chewing.  He is a smart boy who will break off a long thin piece of wood and use it as a back scratcher on himself, and will use the hanging rope of a toy as a pulley to pull chewable pieces up to his height. 

Ziggy has no feather destructive behavior and is absolutely gorgeous. We are in the process of converting him to a healthy diet. He is a wonderful bird who will make some lucky person a great companion.


UPDATE:  Ziggy has been adopted and is happy with his new friend another umbrella at the home he is being adopted into.  We wish Ziggy a long and happy life with his new owners.

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