Poncho, Double Yellow Headed Amazon, Male, 15 yrs old

Poncho is a Double-Yellow-Headed Amazon, male, who before coming to us, had been with his owners for 15 years, so we know that he is at least 15 years old. His owner developed a serious illness that the dander from Poncho was exacerbating, so they came to the hard decision to Poncho DYA 4-20-15relinquish him to PEAC so that he may find a new qualified home.

He was kept in a small cage with a built-in nest box which triggered some aggression in him when he would be approached in his cage. Once he was removed from that cage and put in a larger one without a nesting location, Poncho became the most loveable Amazon anyone could ask for. He loves his time out of his cage playing and swinging and exploring his new world. He is in excellent feather and has had a full vet exam and blood work which shows he is in good health despite the fact that his diet was not the best and was heavy on seed. His current foster volunteer is working on converting him to a pelleted diet and teaching him to eat fresh vegetables and fruit. So far he is doing very well with the conversion.

On his exam with the vet, the doctor actually said that if he did not have the current parrots he does have, he would adopt this guy, as he is just amazing and well mannered. Poncho will make someone a wonderful companion parrot.

UPDATE: adopted

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