LEONA-Greenwing Macaw, Female, 43 yrs old

Leona, a female greenwing macaw who is 43 years old, came to PEAC in October of last year after her leonaowner had passed away the previous June. After the passing of her owner, Leona developed overnight feather destructive behavior and within just a few days had pulled all of her wing feathers and tail feathers out and had started pulling at her chest feathers, as well. After doing the necessary veterinary intake exam and blood work, it was concluded that the FDB was a psychological issue, not a physical ailment. The vet prescribed Xanax, and she currently is still taking it in the evening, as it seems that during the night or early morning hours is when she barbers and pulls her feathers.


Over the last 10 months, as you can see by the photo above, she has regrown almost all her wing feathers, and has a beautiful tail. Recently, we had to remove the stubs of the feathers she had destroyed, as it seems that they were causing her discomfort, so now that the old feathers are removed we will be carefully watching her to see that she does not over preen and destroy the new growth.


Leona does not like to be in physical contact with other parrots but does not do well in a room by herself without another parrot within her sight. We learned this after leaving her in the living room one afternoon alone, and on our return we found that she had shredded several new feathers. The only factor that had changed was that we did not leave her with the company of another parrot.


Leona will require someone with a good skill set in working with macaws, as well as a very calm home environment. She is a very special parrot and we hope to find her a very special forever home.

UPDATE: adopted

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