OLLIE-Green Cheek Conure, male, age unknown

Ollie was a rescued by his current owner’s daughter in 2009. She has been caring for him since 20Ollie11 when her daughter moved to North Carolina.


Ollie will step up on any perch or your finger. He loves music and loves conversation. He likes it when you sing to him, if you can manage a falsetto voice. He will imitate a low chuckle and carry on a conversation that includes whistling…short soft whistles done with tongue behind teeth. Like people, sometimes he just wants quiet and to be left alone, although he also can be very social. Ollie will twirl on his perch to entertain you and please you, especially if you say: Wheeee! and tell him he is a good boy.


Ollie has only lived with caring adults since 2009. We do not know the full story on this little guy. We would recommend a home with caring mature adults, since he has not been socialized with children. He loves fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and the rare cracker or chip.   He is a joy to watch when he is enjoying his snacks. His main diet is Harrisons Adult Fine pellets. Ollie likes bathe with a spray bottle, but he will also climb into a very small bowl of water that he can sit on top of to get his wings wet. He is going to make someone a sweet little companion

UPDATE: adopted

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