Peanut, Jenday Conure, Male, Age unknown

Peanut is a male Jenday conure of unknown age. He was found and turned in to the Bonita shelter, which tried unsuccessfully to find his home and then turned him over to us on 10/16/15.


Peanut is fairly quiet for a Jenday once he is used to his surroundings, although he is quite vocal when he can see a person to talk to. He loves attention and will babble and whistle if you talk to him. Peanut is not yet comfortable at stepping up to a hand when he is inside his cage, but he is working on that. However, once out of his cage he is very willing to step up and be carried around. He does not bite, and will make an adorable addition to someone’s family.


UPDATE:  Peanut has found a warm and exciting home to call his own.  The adoption was a father and son event which was great to be a part of.  Peanut has a full house as the family are animals lovers and have a few other pets as well as Peanut.  It’s so rewarding when we have a great adoption like this one.

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