Doc, Congo African Grey, Male, 17 yrs old

Doc is 17 yrs old and was born in 1998. He has only had one owner who due to serious life changing events was no longer able to care for him or Iggy the blue and gold macaw that he lived with. Doc was full flighted when he came into PEAC and had strong flying skills so he had to have a serious flight feather trim to discourage this behavior but provide a safe way to land.doc


On the first few days as with many parrots he was nervous and quiet and did not want to step up or even come out of his cage. Know it’s the opposite he loves to come out of his cage and isn’t always eager to go back in at night. He has a small vocabulary but it is accompanies with many whistles and noises that make him quite comical to watch. He is in magnificent feather and seems to be handling the transition into a foster home quite well. He still needs some training on staying on his play tree as he likes to wander when he gets board on his tree so he requires a lot of toys to keep his mind stimulated. He will make someone an amazing companion parrot with just a little more positive reinforcement training .

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