Dino, Greenwing Macaw, Male, 19 yrs old

dinoDino is a 19yr old Geenwing Macaw who came to PEAC the beginning of October 2015. His prior owner at the time had three large macaws and was living in a gated community with CCR’s to follow. The birds caused the prior owner to be cited for excessive noise. PEAC discussed with the owner ways to change the behavior and suggested separating Dino and his mate. Dino arrived with some issues such as he was reported to be female aggressive but it turns out he will step up in time for almost anyone. He also was plucking the feathers on his legs and that also has stopped and is currently growing new feathers. By removing him from a breeding situation his personality has changes and he is more like most Greenwings, a gentle giant.


Dino at 19 yrs old has a long life ahead of him. His blood work at the time of entering the foster program showed elevated liver enzymes, which indicates some liver disease issues, probably brought on by poor diet. The vet suggested doing blood work in 6 months to see if a better diet with less fat might have given his liver time to heal.


He does speak but it may take a couple of months in a new home for him to open up. He says things like hello Dino, goodbye, and I can talk. He is a joy to have around and seems to not be bothered by dogs or other birds, though we of course suggest not letting him bond with another bird like he was when he first came in to the foster program so that his wonderful personality may remain.


UPDATE: Dino has been adopted and is loving his new life with his very own companion Kim who says he has the same personality as her.

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