Iggy, Blue and Gold Macaw, Female, 11 yrs old

Iggy is 11yrs old and was purchased at a flee market in New Orleans, LA. Originally named Ichobad as the owners were told that she was a he. After doing a DNA sex evaluation on her we finally know that Ichobad is not a boy but a girl so has been renamed Iggy which she is responding to very well. On arriving at ARC one of the PEAC foster volunteers location and facility she was very scared iggy-in-ringof her new surroundings and for almost a week did not want to leave her cage. We slowly offered her sunflower seeds to entice her out but she would just take them and drop them so she turned out not to be very food motivated. We started wrapping our hand and arm slightly with a towel and she very willingly now steps up on to the towel comes out of her cage and then transfers slowly over to the handlers bare arm. She was kept fully flighted and was allowed to fly around her home. Having that much freedom has allowed her to develop strong flight skills and so most of her primary feathers have had to been clipped to stop her ability to take flight but allow her to flutter down safely to the ground. She is still learning to trust and has a ways to go but with the right person and the use of consistent positive reinforcement training she will become an amazing companion for someone looking for a large parrot.


UPDATE: Iggy was adopted by a family that has been coming to the Jamul location to visit with the macaws that are in the program.  They just wanted to make sure the macaw that they all agreed on was really the right choice for them and the bird.  So about a month ago they all came at separate times to meet Iggy and spend several hours letting her get use to them and to engage with them.  This family’s dedication and approach to finding the right bird is a good example of how people interested in having a companion parrot must take time to educate themselves and if they have no prior bird handling experience to take the time to visit with PEAC multiple times to have a trained volunteer work with them beyond just presenting our adoption seminar.  We all at PEAC wish Iggy a wonderful new life with her new family.

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