Pickle, Double Yellow Headed Amazon, Male, 48 years old

Pickle DYA at Grossmont

We’re thrilled to report that Pickle has been adopted and is enjoying life in his new home!  Congratulations and we wish you many wonderful years with dear Pickle!!!



Pickle is a 48-year-old male Double-yellow headed Amazon who was relinquished to PEAC when his third owner developed health issues. He was fortunate to be in his second home for 35 years and was originally turned over to PEAC around 2008 when his elderly owners could no longer care for him.

Pickle DYAPickle is a very robust, healthy bird; loves his foraging toys; and eats well of a pelleted diet augmented with a variety of fresh vegetables. Pickle is very smart and learned to perform a number of behaviors on cue in his second home, including the Chargers’ chant, portions of the Old MacDonald song, roller skating, riding a bird-sized scooter, playing basketball, turning in a circle, and spreading his wings on cue. Although he hasn’t been asked to do these behaviors in a number of years, he would likely enjoy the interaction of re-learning them with a new family.

Pickle is somewhat reserved at first, although he started stepping up after only 2-3 days in his current foster home. He is generally a very quiet Amazon, even in the presence of other Amazons in his foster home. He’s an amazing fellow; still very active, and climbs all over his cage and around his play areas. Do you have room in your heart for dear Pickle?



Pickle was adopted in November of 2017 and is getting to know his new roommate another amazon.

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