Bucky – Blue-fronted Amazon

Bucky BFABucky is a 30+ year old DNA-sexed male Blue-fronted Amazon who was adopted from PEAC in 1996.  As is often the case with these long lived companions his now elderly owner passed away in May 2016 and her frail husband couldn’t care for Bucky.  He rejoined the PEAC foster flock in June 2016. 

Bucky is a very sweet natured fellow; he was initially hesitant about stepping up and his version of “no thanks” was to move away.  He’s made no attempt to lunge or bite at any time and happily accepts favored food tidbits from anyone.  He now steps up readily for his foster volunteer and is gaining confidence with out of cage time.  His owner of 20 years had developed dementia and he had little handling for the past 5 years. 

Bucky loves his Caitec pellets and so far has consumed every vegetable offered.  He’s quickly learned about foraging toys and is very active – climbing all over his roomy cage.  Bucky mumbles ‘hello’ and several undiscernible words and is overall a very quiet bird.  He seems to enjoy ambient attention and listens intently when spoken to.  He’ll be a wonderful companion for some lucky family.

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  1. Hi I am interested in adopting Bucky.
    My family and I had our Yellow Amazon for over 30 years and unfortunately passed away a couple of months ago.
    We feel we are ready to save a parrot and adopt our future family member.
    Please contact me and what I would need to do to move forward in my adoption process.
    Thank you

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