Jupiter, harlequin macaw, male, estimated 7-10yrs old



Jupiter is a Harlequin macaw who is estimated to be 7-10 years old.  This estimate is based on his early behavioral changes related to sexual maturity.  A woman in Minnesota had been fostering Jupiter and his brother Neptune for the Humane Society there, and after she realized the two of them were a bit much for her to handle, she reached out to PEAC for help.  We accepted the responsibility of finding loving homes for the two of them, and the woman had them examined  by an avian vet, including a complete blood panel, and then flew them out to San Diego to be a part of the PEAC foster flock, 

Jupiter is rather shy, but he loves treats and attention. He tends to hang back when Neptune is present, and has selected a few people he likes (but is still quite shy with them). He isn’t as playful or interested in toys as Neptune, but he savors his treats, getting every last morsel and leaving very little waste. So far, he has proven to be the milder tempered of the two parrots.  He does not hesitate to step up, and he remains all day on his play tree or outside in his aviary.  We have separated them to break up their bond, as we feel that this will increase our ability to find proper homes for them. 

Due to Jupiter’s personality and years without training, he is definitely going to need a caregiver who has a good knowledge of and experience in working with these large parrots.  Jupiter could use to lose a few grams as he is a very robust young man, who we estimate to be just around 7-10 years old, as he seems to have developed into an adult male, especially when breeding season arrives.

If you are seriously interested in adopting a companion parrot such as Jupiter, please call and leave a message so that we may coordinate a visit to our Jamul location where both Jupiter and Neptune are residing.

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