Neptune, harlequin macaw, male, estimated to be 7-10yrs old



Neptune is a Harlequin macaw who is estimated to be 7-10 years old.  This estimate is based on his early behavioral changes related to sexual maturity.  A woman in Minnesota had been fostering Neptune and his brother Jupiter for the Humane Society there, and after she realized the two of them were a bit much for her to handle, she reached out to PEAC for help.  We accepted the responsibility of finding loving homes for the two of them, and the woman had them fully examined by an avian vet, including a complete blood panel, and then flew them out to San Diego to be a part of the PEAC foster flock, 

Neptune is much more outgoing and overbearing then Jupiter when it comes to wanting attention. He needs to be the first one to come forward for treats, and will actually chase Jupiter away if treats and attention are being offered. It is because of this that we are recommending the birds be rehomed separately. Even though they have been together for several years, they are reaching the age of sexual maturneptune-2ity and we believe they will only continue to become more competitive.

Due to his personality and years without training, Neptune is definitely going to need a caregiver who has a good knowledge of and experience in working with these large parrots. Compared to his brother Jupiter, he has a 2-year-old’s behavior, as he needs to be the center of attention and gets into lots of trouble by exploring the world around him.  His wings have been clipped to stop his flying around the house freely and being at risk of flying out the door. Despite the clipping, he still can fly a good distance.

If you are seriously interested in adopting a companion parrot such as Neptune, please call and leave a message so that we may coordinate a visit to our Jamul location where both Jupiter and Neptune are residing.

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