Pluto, Timneh African Grey, Female, Age Unknown




Very little is known about Pluto, a Timneh African Grey, who was found close to the El Cajon courthouse.  A kind gentleman and his wife called PEAC as soon as they got home with her in an effort to try and find her former home.  As is way too common despite our great efforts in locating the owner, no one came forward to claim Pluto.  Pluto has been vet checked and has a clean bill of health.  Her wings and nails have been groomed as she came to us with sharp little talons that easily broke the skin on your hand.  We are at this point still waiting for Pluto’s DNA sex test to come back. Pluto has a warm and playful personality with men and will cooperate with women but her preference is definitely to be handled and cared for by a man.  She has a large array of whistles and noises she makes throughout the day and early evening.  She has a small vocabulary but I think that is more due to us not being familiar with her pronunciation of words.  A very special trick or behavior is if you make the kissing noise she leans over to your lips or cheek and makes the noise back to you.  Fortunately while out on her own she did not have any feather loss or injuries.  She is in excellent feather and will make someone a wonderful parrot companion.



Pluto has been adopted by a wonderful couple who work from home so she will be getting lots of attention and love.  Every so often a parrot comes into the foster program that just steals your heart and that sure was Pluto.

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