Rita, Congo African Grey, Female,

Rita Bonita



Rita came to PEAC after the death of her owner.  She is a very well socialized CAG who is full of personality.  She has a large vocabulary as well as many whistles and sounds she can mimic.  She steps up easily and is a real fun parrot to interact with.  She is on a pelleted diet and loves all vegetables and sprouts.  She is a large CAG, which goes right along with her large personality.  Her feather condition is excellent though she is not to found of a full shower but doesn’t seem to mind a spray bottle bath from time to time.  She is looking for a new person to call her own and to share fun times in the future with.


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  1. I am new to the care and needs of parrots but would love to learn. Rita sounds like she might forgive my mistakes. I would love to meet her and see if she might like me and perhaps find a forever home?

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