Kasuku (aka Cori), Congo African Grey, sex and age unknown

1Kasuku is a Congo African grey parrot who was relinquished to PEAC after his owner realized he needed more hands-on work with someone who is familiar with birds, as Kasuku is currently not trained to step up on command to a hand, a towel, or a stick. Just about a year ago, Kasuku was found by his owner who kindly took him in, as she already had several greys, and thought she could easily train him. As Kasuku was a stray with no micro-chip, the kind Samaritan was unable to locate his original owner. With this being his background, we do not know his age or sex at this time but will have a DNA sexing test run to determine his gender.

He converted quickly to a vegetable and pelleted diet as well as just a few nuts in the afternoon. He has shown interest in only pistachios and no other nuts. He has yet to figure out how to get his Caitec “Oven Fresh Bites” from his foraging wheel, though he should be able to figure it out in just a few days. He does love his pellets, as, when offered in a bowl, they quickly disappear.

Kasuku is up for adoption, but only to a very knowledgeable person who has successfully used positive reinforcement training techniques on his or her own parrots. Here at PEAC, Kasuku will have plenty of one-on-one interaction with his foster home, with hopes that he will come around to show a more positive response to stepping up instead of being frightened by any movement around him.

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