CupCake, Yellow Naped Amazon, Female, 34 yrs old

CupCake is a 34-year-old yellow-naped Amazon who had the same owner for all of her 34 years.  She was relinquished to PEAC after her owner grew elderly and unable to care for her, due to medical problems.cupcake

CupCake is a very sweet Amazon who readily steps up onto both a stick and a hand.  She gets along equally well with men and women.  Her foster mom was told that CupCake likes music and human company; and when some music was playing recently, CupCake said, very loudly, “I like that!”  She likes to laugh, and she also says “Hello, CupCake,” “I love you, CupCake,” and “Ooh, la-la!”  She is learning to eat a healthy diet; and although like most Amazons, she loves her fruit, we are working on substituting some more-nutritious vegetables.

At the age of 34, CupCake is still a “young adult,” and may live up to another 40 years in good health, continuing to bring happiness to the people whose lives she touches.  There are many advantages to adopting an “older” bird; and older birds can certainly bond with a new owner, just as young ones do.

CupCake is looking for her new forever home and is going to make some lucky family a wonderful companion.


UPDATE: Cupcake had two application as the same time so she was a popular girl.  Cupcake had the final say on who adopted her.  Her new owner is quite taken with her and cupcake has settled in very well in her new environment.  Cupcake has also become very close friends with her new owners good friend who is an elderly woman who Cupcake is very comfortable around and spends many afternoons with her so she is not alone when her new owner is at work.  Congratulations to Cupcake and her new owner, we wish them many wonderful years together

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