Gabby, Scarlet Macaw, Male, estimated age appx. 10

PEAC received a call from a wonderful lady who was living on a large ranch in Malibu CA.  She informed us that a scarlet macaw some time ago had flown into her backyard, and despite her desperate search for his owner, she was not successful in placing him back into his original home. This kind person had experience with cockatoos and also had a bonded pair of blue and gold macaws, but had no idea what she was getting herself into when taking in a scarlet macaw.  When she found him he would say “good girl Gabby” and a bit later on she found out by doing a test at her local avian vet’s that Gabby was actually a boy.  She decided to rename him and called him Archie.gabby

At the time Archie arrived safely at the PEAC facility in Jamul the volunteers decided to switch him back to Gabby, as he would so clearly call his own name at various times.  For a scarlet he has a great personality and is a bit less nippy than some of the scarlets that PEAC has had in the past. We still feel that he will need an owner who has or is willing to learn good macaw handling skills so that his future owner and Gabby can live a harmonious life together.  Prior to coming into the PEAC foster program Gabby was exhibiting behavior that indicates that he has developed a mate bound with his caregiver.  He started pulling some of his down feathers out and making a very nice nest for her in the wine barrel that she provided him in his outdoor aviary.  This of course encouraged an even more determined Gabby to prove to her he was her man. He started chasing her shoes, biting her shoe laces, and when he would step up for her would give her a nice “love” bite on her arm. All of this was not his fault but was due to the way he was being housed and cared for.  Many people make this mistake and inadvertently encourage their parrot to develop a mate bond with them.

Gabby has come a long way in a short period of time.  He has a strong drive to be in a flock environment which does not go over well with many of the other macaws at the Jamul location.  He is starting to stay on his play tree when inside but once outdoors he clings to the enclosure wall that he and the macaw next to him share.  With such a strong desire, we feel he would make a good only macaw in the home but might be too much of a challenge if there were already a macaw in the home. If you have any questions, please call us at 619-287-8200 or email us at

UPDATE; January 2017

Cupcake is enjoying life with her new family!  We’re so thrilled that this beautiful and gentle Amazon has found her forever home.

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