Tiko Marie, Blue and Gold Macaw, Female, 8 yrs old

Tiko is an 8-year-old female blue-and-gold macaw whose owner of 6 years learned that, contrary to what he’d been told, housing three macaws are NOT less noisy than one. Tiko is one of the sweetest macaws we’ve had in quite some time; steps up readily for almost everyone.

tikoTiko has been eating more and more new foods each day.  She is willing to taste anything, as long as she sees her foster mom or one of the other birds eating it.  She enjoys her diet of sprouts, pellets, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, corn, and walnuts, although we will eventually cut down on her fruit and try to substitute more veggies, as well as trying to get her to eat a wider variety of nuts, which are essential to macaws, due to their requirements for a diet somewhat higher in fat.

Tiko says “Hello” and “Up, up, up” as well as “step up”.   She loves her baths  (tiko marie shower) She is a sweet, loving parrot who steps up easily for both men and women and readily accepts head scritches.  She gets along well with dogs and other birds, and will make a wonderful companion for some lucky family. We hope that someone with some large parrot experience or is willing to take the time to learn and practice these skills, along with a quiet household will consider Tiko Marie as a new companion for life.

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