It’s Not Too Late to help the parrots and work of PEAC!

There are just two more days until the New Year – and thus just 2 more days until the end of this year’s fundraising campaign.

The is the first time ever  for PEAC to have a sponsor who for every $1 donated between now and December 31, midnight PT, the anonymous sponsor will contribute $1 up to $20,000.  We are 50% of the way toward our $30,000 fundraising goal – help us reach it! Give online through PayPal or at PEAC website.

Parrott_CollageRescue work knows no holidays. Over this last week we have fielded calls and emails about  relinquishments as well as adoptions. The work never ends. As much as our volunteers deserve a few days away from PEAC it is always close to each and every one of their hearts.  PEAC is so fortunate to have dedicated volunteers as well as donors like you.

Your financial support allows us to be ready to help parrots in all different kinds of circumstances and more.  Helping us during this our year end  fundraising campaign makes your gift go further and allows you a year-end tax deduction. Watch our fundraising progress at our and Facebook page!

If you would prefer to donate in a more traditional way, checks can be sent at any time to:

PO Box 600423
San Diego, CA  92160

Thank you again for your support!

Happy New Year wishes to all,

Eric Kern
Director of PEAC


PEAC is a 501(c)3 organization, and your contributions are fully tax-deductible.
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