Lucy, Male, Greenwing, 10 yrs old

Lucy, is a 10-year-old male greenwing macaw, came to PEAC after the wife of his owner of 7 years was diagnosed with terminal leukemia. Due to the care his wife needed, he came to the realization that he could no longer provide the amount of time and care that he felt Lucy needed.  Lucy was very much loved by his owner and was relinquished only after much thought.

Part of Lucy’s normal routine included a daily bath, which is evident by the beautiful condition of his feathers.  Lucy is a large greenwing, but is quite gentle, which seems to be common amongst the greenwings. One of Lucy’s favorite activities and toys is to rip apart pine 2×4’s.  It seems as though the fancy toys are not necessary for this very resourceful parrot.  He is also a genius at opening locks, including his cage door, so his new owners would be wise to invest in a combination lock to keep him in when they are not around. Lucy is fine with both men and women, though a man would be his preference for a new owner. He needs someone with a calm but assertive personality, as he will watch you very carefully, trying to figure out how to get one up on you.

Despite his former owner’s best intentions, his diet was lacking in many ways.  He was not on a pelleted diet, so his foster volunteer is encouraging him to forage for Caitec Oven Fresh Bites. Without any hesitation or dislike he has devoured every vegetable he has been offered, as long as it is finely chopped and mixed with his foster’s self-grown sprouts (China Prairie). Like most parrots he has by no means complained about the nuts he is offered every afternoon, though for such a large bird he delicately opens them and then slowly small-bit by bit eats them.  By the time he has finished his nuts all the other parrots are well into their afternoon naps.

Lucy is a superb greenwing, with an equally superb personality. The amount of care and attention he received in his former home has made him a wonderful companion parrot.  So if you have the room and time for a large parrot like Lucy, please contact us so that we may discuss our adoption policies and procedures.

UPDATE May 2017

Lucy has been adopted and is enjoying much ambient attention in his new home associated with his owner’s home based business.  We wish them both many, many happy years together!


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