Rajah, Orange Wing Amazon, Male, 16 years old

Rajah is a 16-year-old Orange winged Amazon whose only owner relinquished him to PEAC in the hope of finding him a new owner with more time to spend with him, and who can work on getting him more accepting of new people and new situations.

Rajah loves toys that he can chew and tear apart.  He has a great vocabulary, including “I love you,” “Here, kitty kitty kitty” and “Give me kisses,” followed by kissing sounds.  Though PEAC feels a bird’s vocabulary should be one of the less important behaviors drawing someone into wanting to adopt him, it is very sweet and will grab the heart of the hardest person. He steps up easily with a calm approach, and he loves his showers!   We will be working with Rajah to convert him to a diet of fresh vegetables, sprouts, and pellets; and to continue the positive reinforcement and target training that his owner began with him.

Rajah does get overwhelmed and over-excited when around multiple people at a time.  He prefers women, which makes sense when you figure in that his primary caregiver was a woman, although he is accepting of attention from men when in quiet surroundings.  Rajah stepped up willingly and calmly for the volunteer doing his intake interview, which made her feel that he will do well in a calm home environment with a variety of people, as long as they respect and read his body language correctly. PEAC does not see very many orange winged Amazons in its foster program.  Rajah will be a unique parrot for the right person.


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