Zoo-trition: The Importance of Raw Whole Foods”, by Dr Jason Crean

We still have about 8-10 seats available for this fantastic and FREE seminar by Dr. Jason Crean! It’s tomorrow – Sunday April 2nd at noon – Dr. Crean will be staying for an extra Q & A! You must email Melanie (peacoperations@gmail.com) to reserve your seat asap. See our event page for more details. We hope to see all of you there!

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You’re the first to hear: we have 8-10 OPEN SEATS for our previously waitlisted talk by Dr. Crean: Zoo-trition, The Importance of Raw Whole Foods – THIS SUNDAY April 2nd, at noon. All seats MUST be reserved by emailing: peacoperations@gmail.com – first come first served! Please see our event page for full details.

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