Buddy- Congo African Grey – 16 yrs – Male

Buddy– Congo African Grey Parrot; Buddy entered the PEAC foster flock recently when his owner of 17 years passed away. On picking Buddy up we were informed that he had not been out of his cage since the owner had purchased him, and on viewing his cage, we found he had only one single metal bell in the middle of his cage to play with. Buddy does not yet understand how to step up, but through positive reinforcement he is working very hard on learning how to play when outside his cage, and in time, to step up. He is in beautiful feather and though he has had little hands-on in his life, so far, he shows no fear of people. He has an extensive vocabulary and many sounds that he mimics. He needs someone who has worked with training parrots, as well as a quiet environment, as lots of people do cause him to be a bit nervous. He has a long way to go, but in the end, he will make a wonderful companion parrot for the right forever home.


Buddy was adopted by a wonderful gentleman who first met him at the American Family Pet Expo in Orange County, in April 2014.  After completing the required courses and having a few meetings in person with Buddy, the adoption was approved by the committee and he went on to his new forever home.  The latest we heard was that Buddy was enjoying his awesome new cage and enjoys working with his new owner every day.

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