Ralphie- Red-Lored Amazon – 3 yrs – Male


IMG_20140611_120742_358-1Ralphie came to PEAC on January 1, 2012. He apparently had been part of a wild flock near Los Angeles, CA, and had been hit by a car, breaking his leg and bursting his air sacs. He was taken to a shelter and was about to be euthanized when discovered screaming in pain by a volunteer from the House Rabbit Society visiting the shelter. She asked the shelter to release him to her and immediately called PEAC. She then drove him to San Diego on New Years Day. He was seen by an avian vet on an emergency basis and had surgery the next day. He was determined to be approximately one year old. His total vet expenses were very high.

After surgery he went to his new foster home, where he has been ever since. At first, he was terrified of humans, and would hiss and growl if someone even entered the room. At first, he would not eat unless fed with a turkey baster. Over a period of months he began losing his fear and soon was willingly stepping up on a stick. He is now a part of a human and parrot flock. He has an enthusiastic wolf whistle, says “hello” clearly and sweetly, and is beginning to mumble along to the singing of “Old McDonald Had a Farm”. He is, indeed, a wonderful, playful, companion parrot and his foster family is so grateful that his life was saved. Ralphie is still looking for a forever home.

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