Morris- Congo African Grey – 39 yrs – Male


Morris – Male, Congo African Grey; Morris is 37 year old whose elderly owner could no longer care for him or Lolita (yellow-naped Amazon). When entering the PEAC flock, he was on a seed diet and needed to be treated for vitamin A deficiency. Due to poor diet and stress in his environment, he developed feather destructive behavior, and barbered a large portion of his plumage. He is now on a pelleted diet along with lots of vitamin A and calcium-rich vegetables. He was being medicated twice a day to help him handle the stresses he feels, and we can now report that he no longer is showing FDB, has begun the process of growing his feathers back, and is no longer on his medication; he is starting with lots of fluffy down and a few main feathers as well. He enjoys his bath three times a week and is also beginning to show signs of playing with foraging toys that are provided to him. He is a very gentle and calm African grey who wants to share his life with a human companion who understands the intricacies of his species, which will help in developing a healthy bond between his caregiver and himself.  Morris is one of two greys that are currently in the “Project Parrot Positive,” a three-way joint effort between Caitec, PEAC, and Rebecca O’Connor, a well known author and animal behavioral trainer.

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