Samantha- Double-Yellow-Headed Amazon – Age Unknown, Female

Samantha 3

Samantha, a double-yellow-headed Amazon, was turned over to our Anchorage Chapter by the Dept. of Animal Services from a horrendous hoarding situation. Sam was discovered in filthy conditions with a few other parrots and an estimated 200 cats in a house. Sam clearly enjoys ambient attention now from the people in her life, but prefers not to be touched. She has a beautiful, melodic voice, speaks clearly, and like many Amazons loves to laugh along with you.  Samantha has made great progress in her current foster volunteer’s home.



Samantha was adopted by a wonderful person in Imperial Beach, CA.  She is so happy to have finally been placed in a permanent home of her own.  Samantha was one of our long term foster parrots so its an added plus to see her go to her new home


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