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Parrot Education & Adoption Center (PEAC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to educating current and potential bird owners on the proper care of companion parrots.  Based in San Diego and covering all of Southern California and beyond, PEAC began operations in 1996. Unwanted or found parrots are evaluated to see if the parrot’s personality fits well into our foster program.  We do the evaluation by reviewing a bird questionnaire that the current owner fills out and by visiting the bird in its current home, in an effort to identify triggers if the parrot has some behavior issues.  If the parrot is found to not fit well with our program or we currently have no openings we will do our best to help the owner in finding another organization that might be able to help. Each year PEAC takes in upwards of 30+ parrots.   The math alone indicates our need for your support.  Each parrot that is approved for our foster program costs PEAC on average $500 in vet care, feeding and enrichment each year the bird is with us.

PEAC along with ARC (Avian Rehabilitation Center) has opened up our doors to our local military personnel in the way of pet therapy.  Individuals sign up and come out to our Jamul location on Tuesdays and Thursdays to spend time socializing with the parrots in our foster program.  At ARC, along with many of the foster parrots of PEAC, there are also two sets of peafowl, an East African Crowned Crane and a Swainsen Toucan named Contessa.  PEAC feels strongly in educating all people that are part of its community and is so happy to be able to partner with another organization to offer this service.

In 2017  PEAC will be branching out with its Pet  Therapy to work with Rady Children’s Hospital.  Executive members of PEAC are currently in talks with the hospital to see what form this therapy may take. Currently the idea is to offer “Being a Bird Means…” a fantastic coloring book that is a kid’s guide to parrot  care.  Along with the book, several of our ambassador parrots like Guy our hyacinth, and Abbi our blue and gold macaw will be joining in the activities.

PEAC continues to grow and expand its presence  in the San Diego area.  Your generous support allows us to continue and develop more interesting ways to help educate people on matters that pertain to companion parrots as well as bringing awareness of the plight of wild parrots.  Please take just a few minutes to click on our Help Now tab and make a donation today.


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