Adoption Process

Are you interested in adopting a PEAC bird? Here is our process:
First Read the PEAC Adoption Policies. Click here to go to Adoption Policies.
 Then Follow the Steps Below

1.) If interested in adopting a parrot from PEAC please email or call and notify them of your interest, and if there is a particular parrot you are interested in please include that info as well

2.) PEAC will contact you to set up a time and location to participate in the mandatory one-on-one adoption seminar. Adoption seminars are now being offered only as a one-on-one seminar not as a group event

3.) The volunteer presenting the adoption seminar with you will work hard to have the parrot you are interested in present at the seminar so you may have your first required interaction with that parrot .

4.) After completing the adoption seminar, you will be asked to view a video that addresses specifics to the species you are interested in.

5.) A short questionnaire will be emailed to you after you have completed both seminar requirements. This questionnaire needs to be emailed back to PEAC.

6.) A home visit by one of PEAC’s volunteers will be set up and the volunteer’s assessment will be submitted to the adoption committee

7.) During the time the above items are being completed we will work with you to have at least one more interaction (preferably two) with the parrot you are interested in adopting.

8.) An adoption application will be sent to you to fill out, to be returned along with a cover letter. They will be submitted to the adoption committee. All comments from the volunteers directly involved with the adoption process will also be sent to the committee.

9.) The decision will be made in 3-7 days and you will be notified of the decision. The adoption committee may suggest further requirements or clarifications to approve the adoption.

PEAC will continue to give all applicants the same opportunities and fair evaluations. Though the process has many steps, we strongly feel it is important to make sure that the fit between the applicant and the parrot are the best possible match– one that will last a life time. If you have any questions please contact us at,, or leave a message at 619-287-8200.



Adoption fees*:

$300.00 Conures, Poicephalus, Senegals other small parrots
$500.00 Medium to Large Parrots
Undetermined Rare species
Our foster birds can be seen at  Search for ‘Bird’ and Zip Code 92160.

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