Adoption Process

Are you interested in adopting a PEAC bird? Here is our process:
Step 1: Read the PEAC Adoption Policies. Click here to go to Adoption Policies.
Step 2: You are required to attend a hands-on afternoon class covering the following topics: Basic Anatomy & Health, Nutrition, Enrichment & Environment, the Use of Positive Reinforcement Training, and Body Language. (For some species of parrots an additional class focusing in on that particular kind of parrot is required.)
Step 3: After the class has been attended and completed, a home visit by a PEAC volunteer will be arranged.  The purpose of this visit is to assist with identifying any safety hazards in the home (so you may take steps to correct them), suggest cage and/or play gym placement to make a bird most comfortable, etc.  This home visit is designed to assure the smoothest transition possible for your family and a new feathered friend.
Step 4: After completion of the class and home visit, you will be allowed to fill out an adoption application.
Step 5: If the application is approved you will then be asked to spend some time socializing with the bird you are interested in adopting. If that particular bird is a good fit for you and your family, you will receive an adoption contract and a list of associated veterinary and adoption fees for that bird. If that bird is not a good fit you are encouraged to visit and spend time with any of the numerous parrots in our foster program. Complete the contract and return it along with payment for the vet and adoption fees. When this is received by PEAC, you will be contacted to schedule a time to pick up your bird.
Adoption fees*:

*In addition to the Adoption Fees noted below, adopters are also required to reimburse PEAC for veterinary costs, up to a maximum of $300, that the bird has incurred during foster care.
$50.00 Small Conures, Lories
$100.00 Conures, Poicephalus, Senegals, Caiques
$150.00 Mini-Macaws, Greys, Pionus, Amazons, Eclectus
$175.00 Larger Macaws, Cockatoos
Undetermined Rare species
Our foster birds can be seen at  Search for ‘Bird’ and Zip Code 92160.

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