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While many of our seminars are required for adoption, you are also invited to attend in order to expand your knowledge in providing the best home possible for your companion birds. For adoption seminars or volunteer seminars please email a message on the contact page to us and we will gladly call you to set up a  time to do the required seminar with you.

All other seminars will be help at the Gaines St location and the topics of the seminars will be listed on the calendar.  We will be starting our new seminar series in January of 2017 and will hold a seminar the last Sunday of every month.

“People protect what they love. We need to provide the information so that they can love.”
— Jean-Michel Cousteau

Seminar fees (per person, per day) IN ADVANCE AT THE DOOR
Non-members: FREE FREE

Seminar locations:

San Diego Dept of Animal Services

5480 Gaines St, San Diego, CA 92110 MAP

Animal Friends of the Valleys/Southwest Communities Animal Shelter*

33751 Mission Trail, Community Classroom, Wildomar, CA MAP

Avian Rehabilitation Center

13751 Jamul Dr, Jamul CA 91935


Advance registration is due by two days prior to the seminar date. NO EXCEPTIONS. Payment is available through PayPal to  Credit card payments can be faxed to (909) 563-8418. Click here for a registration form.

Fees will be refunded if a class is cancelled.

Though we love your birds, PLEASE leave them at home while you attend these seminars!

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Discussion on the proper feeding of a companion parrot
Open Seats 20
12:00 pm
-3:00 pm

Discussion on the proper feeding of a companion parrot

Mar 26,2017 - Time: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Come join us for a roundtable discussion on issues related to the proper feeding of Companion Parrots.  The following items will be discussed: why a seed diet is not the proper diet for a companion parrot of any size, percentages of fruits, vegetables and pellets in a companion parrot's daily diet, varieties of pellets, varieties of "chop,"species with specialized diets, and much more.  If you plan on attending please bring along with you research and articles pertaining to the topic, recipes that you use for chop, birdie bread, etc.  The purpose of this meeting is not only to provide the participants with the latest information about companion parrots'  nutrition, but will also provide information that PEAC will use on its website.  Please be sure to REGISTER! The monthly seminars are open to everyone, members and non members, at no charge*
*There may be a registration charge at events where PEAC has to pay for a guest speaker or incurs any charges to orchestrate the event


Department of Animal Services
5480 Gaines St
San Diego, CA 92110

Event Fees:



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