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curious, cute

Meet Ralph

8/7/19 update: Ralph now primarily uses his words and whistles to gain the attention he loves from the people in his life. Late afternoon, a normally vocal time for parrots, is easy to manage by providing him with a healthy snack. AND he’s also beginning to learn about chewing toys! Ralph steps up very consistently now for his foster “mom”. He’s still not always sure about “dad”, but steps politely onto an offered stick for transport.

Ralph is a presumed male 20+ year old Lilac-crowned Amazon parrot who is really cute! Although (unintentionally) reinforced for loud calls, he’s quickly learning that using his various words and whistles gains him the attention he wants. He says “hello”, “that’s good”, “meow”, “woof” and other words we haven’t figured out yet. It doesn’t appear that he was trained to step on a hand, however, he’s taken right away to being transported on a stick AND within a few short weeks has learned to step calmly and reliably onto an offered hand. Ralph now enjoys a pelleted diet and inhales his fresh veggies, we’re working on teaching him about foraging toys. Ralph LOVES attention from his people, enjoys head scratches and just hanging out with you.

Attendance at specific PEAC seminars are REQUIRED to be eligible to adopt a foster bird. We adopt within Southern California only and do NOT ship birds.