• Adult
  •  Female
  •  Small
  •  Black
Loving, playful, active

Meet Tiki

Tiki is a DNA sexed female, Cinnamon mutation, Green cheek conure, who is approximately 7 years old. Tiki’s owner developed an allergy to her feather dust which has developed into asthma and she is unable to keep Tiki in the home any longer.

Tiki loves to bathe (in a glass pie dish in the sink) and has always had a good diet of pellets, mixed veggies, and some fruits. She also loves the occasional macadamia nut and well-cooked scrambled eggs as special treats. She enjoys being out on her playground/play gym or sitting on your lap or shoulders. Tiki will say “Tiki take a bath?” Often when she hears running water, but overall does not make much noise. 

Tiki loves having her head rubbed. She does ok with dogs (who ignore her.) She loves being part of the family and in the middle of where the ‘action’ is happening. Tiki was well-loved by her former family and they want her to be part of another loving home where she can get all the attention she deserves. 

Attendance at specific PEAC seminars is REQUIRED to be eligible to adopt a foster bird.