Become a Foster

Thank you so much for your interested in Fostering, PEAC’s success depends largely on our fosters. 
If you love birds but cannot adopt please consider becoming a foster home! 


Things to consider before applying to Foster: 

We do ask that our potential Fosters have 1 year of recent bird experience. If you do not meet this requirement, Volunteering is a great way to gain this experience and qualify for our Foster Program.  

A foster home requires a dedicated and understanding person and/or family. It should not be taken on lightly. Birds that are fostered may require extra effort to ensure they remain healthy and happy while they are rehabilitated for their future home. 

Before you make the decision to foster, you should consider the space the bird will need in your home and the time you will need to spend caring, feeding, and socializing the parrot. Those who foster need to have the time, space, and desire to interact and socialize the bird daily. Because many birds that end up in rescues have come from situations where they were neglected or abused, it’s important that you are available to spend time socializing and conditioning the parrot to accept human interaction.

What we ask from our Fosters:  

  • You provide daily care & food for your PEAC foster.
  • You provide unconditional love and affection.
  • You must bring your Foster to PEAC Parrot Expos, Pet Adoption Events, PetCo/Petsmart outreach
    events, Seminars and/or other events as requested. Foster parents are
    responsible for getting the bird to these events on time, or making arrangements
    for a PEAC representative to do so.
  •  Providing up-to-date information and photos of your foster or checking in on a weekly basis.  This information helps us with our marketing efforts to find PEAC Parrots forever homes. 

What we provide for our Fosters:  

  • We provide routine and emergency medical care for our Fosters, at no cost to you.
  • We provide essential supplies, including a cage. When available we may supply a carrier and/or Play Stand. 
  • We are actively spreading the word that the PEAC fosters are looking for a permanent home by posting him or her on multiple websites & social media posts. 
  • Our network of volunteers are here to answer questions and act as your support team. 

Other Ways To Help


Apply to become a Foster

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