• Adult
  •  Male
  •  Large
  •  Blue , Green , Yellow
Curious, vocal, likes people

Meet Albert

Albert is a 25 year old, DNA sexed male, Blue and Gold macaw. He truly enjoys being with people and says “Hello”, “up”, “uh oh!” and “Albert.” He loves to chew up his toys and play, he loves being with you when you’re watching TV or on the couch, and being around anyone having a conversation. His parents loved him very much, but were no longer able to keep him. He just arrived at PEAC and is still in quarantine as of mid-June, but if you’re interested in adopting Albert, or any of our parrots, we recommend attending our classes as soon as you’re able, so that the process can move more quickly once you have met or are interested in an adoptable parrot. 

Attendance at specific PEAC seminars is REQUIRED to be eligible to adopt a foster bird

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