• Adult
  •  Female
  •  Small
  •  Green , Orange , Yellow
Loving, playful, active
Cats, children.

Meet Mango

Mango is a 20-year-old, DNA sexed female, Senegal parrot. She enjoys eating a varied diet of mixed fresh vegetables, pellets and minimal seed/nuts. Her favorite thing to do is to destroy any small wooden toy provided! Although she was aggressive towards a previous bird companion in her former home, she has shown no aggression towards the other similar sized birds in her foster home. She steps up easily for women or men and will make someone a wonderful companion. Mango was adopted from PEAC in March 2019, but returned due to her tendency to “nibble/nip” the younger children of the family too much. She is very good with adults and would likely do well with older teens who can watch and respect her body language. She is very good with her foster mom and loves to tuck herself under her chin, when not chewing toys or taking a bath. Mango is a fantastic bird for just the right family.

Mango is fine with the smaller dogs in her foster family and there is “mutual ignoring” by each species to the other.

Attendance at specific PEAC seminars is REQUIRED to be eligible to adopt a foster bird.