Amazon Mix, 19 yr old


Playful, curious, smart

Prefers a home without Children.

Adoption Fee $500

Meet Pancho

Meet Pancho! Pancho is a male, 19 year old yellow-naped Amazon who truly enjoys hanging out with people. A true talker, Pancho will wow you with his vocabulary of, “Hey boy, aloha, and oh boy!” Pancho is a hearty and healthy eater who enjoys his share of sugar snap peas, apples, bell peppers, pistachios and corn. He’s great at destroying his toys, has a fascination with bells and loves to get baths on sunny days! He is showing interest in the ten year old daughter in his foster home. Pancho may be okay with other parrots and pets in the household.

Attendance at specific PEAC seminars is REQUIRED to be eligible to adopt a foster bird. We adopt within Southern California only and do NOT ship birds.