African Grey  

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Loving, Playful, Smart, adventurous

Meet Twiggy

Twiggy is a DNA sexed female African Grey. Twiggy’s exact age is unknown, since her owner found her at a golf course, 8 and a half years ago. He is no longer able to care for her, and she is looking for a forever family. Twiggy is an adventurer and must be watched closely or she will climb down and explore the home. She enjoys tearing an entire phone book into tiny bits and playing with her toys. Twiggy has picked up some phrases such as “Stop barking”, (and then proceeds to bark herself.) Twiggy sings: “Take me out to the ball game”, “happy birthday”, and then says “I like that Twiggy!” She also says “hello”, “Want to go outside?” “You’re all wet”, “what are you doing?” and mimicks laughter and many other noises. Twiggy does need some time to get to know you and can be cautious when first meeting. Twiggy enjoying having a routine and her previous dad used to share his toast with Twiggy in the morning. Twiggy enjoys dancing to music and waves with her foot. Twiggy may prefer men right now. We’re hopeful Twiggy with give all patient new people a chance.

Twiggy had her incoming veterinarian exam which included a physical exam, blood chemistries and complete blood cell count (CBC,) DNA sexing and psittacosis (which came back negative.) Additionally, Twiggy was tested for PBFD (negative,) but had a *positive result for Bornavirus.* Additional radiographs were performed, which did not show signs of active disease. Meloxicam was prescribed to help with some arthritis, and our vet believes she is definitely an older bird (25+?) Twiggy will be out of quarantine in mid-March and be available to meet and greet at that time. We believe Twiggy would do best in a home with no other birds, or only birds who have tested positive for Bornavirus. Adopters are encouraged to ask if they should have any questions about this concern.