African Grey  

  • Adult
  •  Female
  •  Medium
  •  Gray , Red


Curious, intelligent, shy, sweet
Cats, other animals.

Meet Winnie

Winnie is a 3-year-old, female, Congo African Grey, parrot. Winnie came to PEAC with the name “Winston” but after a DNA test showed that she was female, we started to call her “Winnie” which she immediately began to repeat back to her foster mom… she is a very smart girl!

Winnie enjoys listening to her mom sing opera, but also enjoys other types of music. She is curious and likes to explore, but is still getting used to her new foster mom and home, so is a bit shy and cautious. This is not uncommon with African Greys or many parrot species, and our fosters don’t take it personally. It usually just takes a little time, patience and encouragement to begin the process of trusting a new person. Winnie does want “cuddles” and attention from her foster family.

Winnie has had a full veterinary exam and the vet does not believe the feather picking is based on a physical illness or problem. Her foster mom is watching her closely to see if this behavior is continuing (and if so, under what circumstances.) She is currently on mixed diet of pellets with added fruits, vegetables and some nuts/seeds/nutriberries in a small amount. Winnie isn’t quite sure what to do with the toys in her cage so far, but her foster mom is encouraging her to play with them and chew them up. Her foster mom stresses that she is a very quick learner, and may have some new songs to share soon. Winnie will make a great companion for the right person or family who wants to share their life with this special girl.